A museum for everyone

The International Museum for Democracy was inaugurated on April 24, 2019. However, since 2011 its doors have periodically opened to publicize progress in the long restoration process of the building while exhibiting some of the valuable documents and objects from your collection.

It is a cultural project conceived with the aim of generating a plural and inclusive space, from which to promote the values of freedom, justice, democracy and respect for human rights.

Each of its different rooms can be seen as a space open to reflection and analysis of the dilemmas of democracy on the contemporary scene.

This Museum is an open window to the world of the present, to its shady areas, but also to its territories of light, those in which men and women struggle to expand the ideals of equity and justice, essential pillars, among others, of any democratic system.


-Contribute to everyone knowing their rights and obligations.

-Create awareness of the universal character of Human Rights

-To present democracy as a way of life and not only as a form of government.

-To promote the respectful discussion of ideas.

-Make visible anti-democratic behaviors and promote democratic attitudes.


Promote democratic values and respect for human rights.


Becoming a convening space to debate the dilemmas of democracy on the contemporary scene.


Guillermo Whpei

President Foundation for Democracy, International Museum for Democracy, Fihrhm-la

Rubén Chababo

Director International Museum for Democracy

Marina Sala

Foundation for Democracy Director


Our museum is the headquarters of the International Federation of Human Rights Museums of Latin America.
An international project whose purpose is to promote knowledge and respect for human rights in Latin America, through actions in its museums.
FIHRM-LA facilitates the establishment of a forum for debate, agreement and collaboration between Latin American museums, so that together they develop their potential as educators, seeking to contribute to making their publics interested in, understand and respect the rights that have been declared inalienable for all humans.