On October 30, 1983, we Argentines reconquered our right to vote after seven years of dictatorship. This date can be seen as a true hinge in a political history marked by a succession of coup d’etats that began in 1930.

The months before and after that historic October were experienced by millions of Argentines as the beginning of a true “political spring” that promised to leave behind years of authoritarianism, censorship, political banning and serious human rights violations, something that was reflected in the pages of so many newspapers and periodicals of massive circulation.

The images of those days of October 1983 with its strong brand of popular participation can help to understand how in those days democracy began to establish itself in the national imagination as the best political system for collective life. The enthusiasm to recover rights and build a life in freedom were the most significant marks of that time that we evoke here.

This exhibition proposes a journey through some images, through some voices and documents of that joyous and unique moment in our national political history.