Virtual temporary exhibition.

Towards the end of 2019, together with ARGRA (Association of Graphic Reporters of the Argentine Republic), we began to diagram a temporary exhibition dedicated to showing how Argentine society had managed to conquer the streets and squares of the country to assert their rights; a civic practice that allowed great achievements to be achieved in the field of constitutional rights and guarantees.

From the demand promoted by the Human Rights organizations for memory, truth and justice in the years immediately after the end of the dictatorship, to those that today decide positions around the acceptance or rejection of the interruption of pregnancy, going through marches dedicated to making visible sexual diversity or the demand for fair wages, among many other issues, the public space of our country has always been characterized by its great vitality and dynamism: there is no city in Argentina that has not known or knows, in the present time, the phenomenon of popular mobilization.

This sample, built thanks to the generosity of the graphic reporters of our country, was to be inaugurated on March 27. The pandemic that forced us to seclude ourselves in our homes, prevented this from happening. However, we have decided to “upload” this powerful exhibition so that it can be appreciated in a virtual way and thus not fail to fulfill our objective.

“The square and the street”, we see it today, paradoxically, from the stillness of our homes, but with the hope that soon, very soon, the street, the square, the public spaces, will return to being that lavish and diverse territory where our lives are spent collecting their most powerful social and political meaning.