The International Museum for Democracy is a private museum, free and open to all public. You can visit us from Tuesday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
During the visit, you can tour the museum on your own, or require the assistance of one of the specialized guides so that your experience in each of the different spaces and rooms is more complete and enriching.
The International Museum for Democracy offers guided tours to educational institutions that require it.
It proposes activities for groups, adapted to different educational levels, responding to the thematic interests of teachers and institutions.


Exclusively by e-mail to, providing the data of the educational institution, the approximate number of students, the reference teacher’s telephone number and the day and time desired for the visit.
The reservation will be effective once a confirmation email has been received from the Institution with the confirmation of date and time.
Educational visits are free and free.
We recommend a prior visit from the reference teacher of the group to organize and plan the tour.